Christian “Speed Dating” Activity

We are between units in my Bible classes at ICS, and I really enjoy doing an activity to really shake things up.  Today I introduced the basic concept of “speed dating” to my 8th grade students: quick conversations with a variety of people.

Just using the word “dating” certainly piqued the kids’ attention. For others, it was mortifying! To put them at ease, I quickly explained that I wanted my students to engage in a variety of controversial topics within Christianity. Here’s the process:

  • Brainstorm the topics
  • Eliminate the least favorite topics
  • Rearrange the desks in pairs
  • Place integers (math nerd) on the desks
  • Assign a topic to each set of desks
  • Divide the students into 2 groups (A and B works) and have them sit (1 A with 1 B)
  • Students will debate or discuss for 1-2 minutes
  • Switch at the end of time. A students ascend (Desk 1 to Desk 2) and B students descend (Desk 8 to Desk 7)

The activity proved to be lively and well-received!  I had the chance to sit in and overhear a number of discussions, and I really enjoyed hearing students take stances on various issues. It was healthy, and a good starting block to further press into various ideas.  I’ve also decided that this activity could be adapted within units as a method to further explore various characters or concepts (as opposed to a between unit activity).

Here are a couple photos of the setup and topics:


Just for fun, here’s a humorous speed dating video on YouTube:


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