Ignatius vs. Kelly – Youth Pastor Showdown

To understand this post, please first watch the video:

How should we teach kids about Jesus?
Is there room for an “Ignatius” within a church setting?

Two vastly different youth groups occupied my attention during high school. One was called B-SALT (now defunct), a distinctly Catholic youth group, and the other was Cross Current, a characteristcally pentecostal youth group. B-SALT was my “Kelly” and Cross Current was my “Ignatius.” Both were seemingly extremes within the Christian church. Yet both denominations left a deep impression on my beliefs and faith.

Here are some things I’ve realized:

  • Church and youth groups are composed of messed up, sinful people trying their darndest to love and be loved
  • Sometimes crazy people turn up, and they can challenge and stretch us to love more deeply
  • It’s good to have a balance of “Kelly’s” and “Ignatius'” in your life – to keep us centered and remind us how misguided passions can go horribly wrong
  • I need to be careful how I teach my Bible classes
  • YouTube videos can be hilarious time wasters

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