The Search

It’s been a long couple of weeks submitting applications, resumes, and customized cover letters to various international schools in Hong Kong.

The job search has not gone as anticipated.  However, I know God has a plan – a good plan – for Kristin and me. I am being stretched and forced to think outside of my pre-conceived notions of international education and my role within this setting.

I know I’m a good teacher. People have told me numerous times. I’m often encouraged by the whole spectrum – students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. However, when I compare myself to veteran teachers and other experts I follow in my PLN, I often see myself as falling short of awesome. I’m good with many digital tools, but not that good. I plan, but it seems slipshod when I view detailed postings of other teachers. I have goals, but they could be so much more concrete.

But I suppose I need to strike a balance. I can’t be amazing at everything. 

I recognize the need to constantly seek growth, improvement, and new, creative outlets. If I’m doing my best and regularly pushing myself to be stretched, maybe that’s not so bad? Since I’m an educator that is always learning, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself?

Whatever the answers are, I need to get back to that job search…


6 thoughts on “The Search

  1. Shhhh… the rumor is true. I am leaving ICS. However, you must understand that it’s not because I don’t like ICS. In fact, I LOVE ICS!!! Rather, I feel like God is pulling me into something new… to a place that I can reach out to students that might not hear about Jesus’ love as much. I don’t quite have words for all of this, but I know I’m trusting God and taking a step of faith! 🙂

    • It hasn’t been decided yet. Mrs. Franke and I want to stay in Hong Kong and reach out to people that don’t always get to hear the word of Jesus. I’ll let you and everyone know as soon as I’ve found another job. 🙂

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