Getting my students to blog…

Wow! I recently realized that not a single teacher has ever taught my 8th grade students (ages 13-14) how to blog. Not only have the students missed out on this, but I think I am the only teacher that is currently venturing down this awesome (and possibly labor-intensive) path.

Today my first group of students created a blog. We went over the details and how to’s, and now they need to start tweaking them to personalize the information and edit the privacy settings. Not only was it a difficult lesson fraught with technical difficulties, but there were so many questions! The difficulties came from using our portable laptop stations called COWS (computers on wheels). The laptops are outdated, slow, and the wifi connection is quite poor.  So sad!  However, it’s available, and that’s cool.

Anyway, if you (my readers) would like to check them out, you can view them on this site: The first class to blog is called “preserved eggs,” and I’m sure their sites will be updated over the weekend and next week. Feel free to leave positive and constructive comments!  Thank you!


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