EARCOS and COETAIL 2011 – Part 1

It was a crazy start to my trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for the teachers conference called EARCOS at the Sutera Harbor Hotel. First, I seemed to fail at packing some things: no sunglasses, no layer for the cold temp in the hotel, no USB drive, etc. But the worst discovery was that I somehow booked a flight ticket for February 22 instead of March 22. Wow. I almost missed my flight, and I had to pay some ridiculous fees. Still, I’m thankful I was able to make my flight and be part of the conference.

I’m embarking on a 15 credit certificate called COETAIL, and it should be quite fun. So far everything is computer/web-based and we’re having some fun conversations. It’s led by Kim Cofino and Jeff Utecht, and Jeff has already been quoted, “Standards and benchmarks are 20th century crap!” It’s going to be a fun conference. One of his predictions: the next generation of kids won’t know how to use a mouse. I believe it!

Next task: create a blog so I can post 5 blog posts by the end of the weekend! Another blog, here I come!


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