Catan Catharsis

Sometimes I am way too competitive.

One activity that brings out this destructive personality trait is the game Settlers of Catan. Often I have the right dose of fun, mixed with a passion to win. But occasionally I become quite overzealous in my thirst for victory, and the result can be quite embarrassing. In fact, I can count those embarrassing moments, and that sum is two. Both times I erupted in moments of accusatory anger, mostly out of a strong sense of justice and fairness. The other players were CLEARLY being unjust and unfair (to me).  I wanted vengeance for the way they stole my wheat port and repeatedly placed the robber on my key resource cards!

'settlers-of-catan-board-game' photo (c) 2009, Cheryl Marland - license: an outside reader, I’m sure this all makes perfect sense, and you’re all cheering for me to win.

In reality, both moments upset the other players, put a damper on the fun, and were a far cry from a fair and just reaction. I want to learn to keep things in perspective and take things in stride. It’s just a game, and the real purpose of games is not just to have something fun to do, but rather about interacting together and living in relationship.

My friends have thus far continued to love me and have even invited me to play Catan again. That’s probably because I have friends that are incredibly awesome – on a scale of awesomeness far greater than myself. If this is the case with Catan, how much more does God love me in spite of all my ridiculous outbursts and moments of stupidity?! Now that’s something to think about.


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