Pass on the Relationship

'uno jenga. ' photo (c) 2008, kathryn - license: I had the pleasure of passing on the fruits of my relationship with God with other people.

Every Friday night are small groups for my church youth group. All of our church kids come together for a night of worship, fellowship, prayer, and reflection. We kicked of 2012 with some fun games as well as a chance to think about all the good and bad experiences from 2011.

It was wonderful to simply sit around, talk, and encourage one another. That’s the beauty of God. As I grow closer to Him, I’m realizing that I can’t help but share what I’m learning from Him. God’s not meant to be contained, but He overflows from everything.

As a nice cap off to the evening, we engaged in our ritual game of uno-jenga. We deem it UJ, and it’s quite hard core because there are consequences. The person that knocks over stack has to do push-ups. The higher the stack, the greater the number of push-ups. I’m proud to say that tonight I didn’t have to do any push-ups.


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