The Key to a Good Life…

…Good Relationships.

Today was filled with honest and lively conversations that allowed me to maintain good ties with people that I love. The one drawback was that I didn’t get to connect as long as I’d like with the one relationship that matters most (after Jesus) the act, not the dress code– my wife. However, we have an ongoing dialogue, and because of that, there’s room to be free of rituals as well as trust to let me go off on my own. Hopefully this is what my time with God can be – a relationship that’s continuous, fluid, and has ¬†flexibility.

There’s no better way to live life than sharing it with others. It can get a little messy sometimes, but half the fun is sifting through those same messes we get ourselves into.

As I said, today was a good day. Lots of time with other people. Some of the conversation was fun and easy, like my time with a youth pastor (from the International Baptist Church in Hong Kong) and a mutual friend that is on holiday from university. We sat and talked and comforted ourselves in a cozy place called the brunch club in Causeway Bay. Mmmmm… Then again, there were a few other conversations. One was difficult and taxing and stressed me out. A couple others were easy, but covered some meaty topics. Still, this is life. And like I sad, have the fun is sifting these conversations and relationships, whether easy-going or quite messy.


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