Being One of the Good Guys

This is not a post about good versus bad people.

we tell jokes

Instead, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to have good, solid, male friendships. I feel like I’m coming full circle in the way that I relate to other guys. Growing up, I was very comfortable with hanging out with other dudes –  letting our guards down, acting weird, and being very real in conversation.

And then I got to know a girl. And then another. And another…

real men sit in tandem

In spite of the wonderful time I spent with my previous girlfriends, girls (as a whole) took away some prime portions of my life. I’m married now, and my wife is complimenting me in ways I never could’ve dreamed (Thank you Kristin). However, before marriage, my time spent with other girls really detracted from my male friendships, and I’m beginning to see the way it affected me deeply and negatively.

But the only reason that I’m noticing is because I’ve finally redeveloped some healthy, male friendships.Many male leaders in the Bible had them: Moses had Aaron, Joshua had Caleb, David had Jonathan, Paul had Barnabas, and Jesus had his very own band of brothers.

There are plenty of precedents to present a case that all men need at least one regular guy in their life to keep them accountable, provide encouragement, and generally have some fun.

I’m glad to have some good guys in my life. I can almost sense that my life is a bit more balanced in some areas due to these friendships. Now I just have to maintain these solid “guy times” while also prioritizing quality time with my wife! Easier said than done…


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