The Other F Word

I’m on a retreat with my youth staff from Island ECC. I wasn’t part of the planning committee (and by committee, I primarily mean my colleague Amanda), so I’m just along for the ride. Like any good retreat, there’s a healthy combination of relaxation and reflection. I shouldn’t be surprised at the reflection topics, but again I’m overwhelmed at the amount of time I’ve been spending thinking about family and their influence on my relationship with God.

Just when I thought we might be done with the evening, we decided to watch a movie. As we bounced around some ideas, we settled on a documentary called The Other F Word. The title is quite intriguing, but I had to surpress a chuckle when I found out the F word stands for FATHER.

I think God’s trying to get my attention.

Anyway, it was an intriguing and occasionally insightful movie. The storyline follows the lives of punk rockers that have become dads. I especially liked what Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Art Alexakis (Everclear), Ron Reyes (Black Flag), and Jim Lindberg (Pennywise) had to say about fatherhood. [As a note of warning, it’s not for those sensitive to the standard F word or other words like it.]


This Thursday I’m heading to the United States for a conference organized by Simply Youth Ministry. Once it’s over, I’m going to spend a week with my immediate family. I’m hoping and praying that God will help shed some light on why I’ve been bombarded with thoughts and reflections surrounding my family – particularly my dad.


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