What’s My Deal!?

The Simply Youth Ministry Conference is really good. There are plenty of workshops that you want to be a part of, and the only way to get to most of them is to keep coming back year after year. I definitely feel that I’m blessed to be a part of this experience.

But there is one problem that I’m facing.

And like most problems, it’s not external, but within myself.

I keep feeling like I’m inadequate to be here. I’m stuck in the mire of feeling like I’m a rookie (or “noob” for those cool, hipster, young folk), even though it’s just not true. As Jon Acuff mentioned in the general session last night, there are voices constantly whispering in our ears. Unfortunately, I’m listening to one of the negative voices, and it’s preventing me from coming alive at this conference.

So with confidence, I hope to stamp out this voice. It’s time I embrace more of the truths that God declares over me. For example, 1 John 3 assures us that we are beloved, children of God, and that He can overcome anything in our hearts because God is greater even than our hearts.  [1 John 3 says some other good stuff too. You should read it!]

There’s more for me to think about and meditate over, but this is a good start. Now it’s time I boldly carry on with the conference and see what I can both give and take in these final workshops and sessions.

NOTE: A special thanks to Kyle Koster for helping me see, flesh out, and understand this crazy thing going on in my head. You’re truly a manly dude.


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