Love Dare – Day 3

Today’s challenge was about being selfless. The dare? To give a gift to your spouse.

I recently took a spiritual gifts survey at my church. Based on the results, one of my top gifts is giving. I’m excited about that, and I hope that I can live up to this result.

I couldn’t help but think that today’s dare was going to be easy. “It’s my gift! I do it all the time! No problem.” I couldn’t be more wrong.

A long time ago I bought my wife a bottle of perfume. However, right before I was going to give it to her, she alluded that she already had enough perfume. Whoops! I tucked it away, and decided to save it for a rainy day. Consider it good fortune that today’s dare was about giving!

I smugly pulled it out, thinking today was the day that Kristin realized that she wanted another bottle of perfume. I didn’t worry about what to buy or when to get a gift or what Kristin might really want. To my surprise, when I gave her the bottle, she didn’t have the reaction I had hoped for. Kristin was still not ready for a bottle of perfume.

I realized that I should’ve spent more time thinking about what she really wanted or needed. The point of today was not really the gift, but rather it was about thinking more about my wife. It was about me walking by her side and being mindful of her.

Though I came up short on today’s challenge, I think I learned the point of the lesson in the end.


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