Love Dare – Day 5

I dislike you day 5.

Today’s dare is to ask my wife Kristin to share three qualities about myself or things that I do that upset her, make her irritable, or displease her. Ouch. And I’m supposed to do this without retaliation, explaining myself, or making excuses. Darn you love dare!!!

Well, I did it.

The good news? Kristin could only come up with two things that really bothered her:

  1. Sometimes I make elaborate and glorious promises or goals, but I don’t always follow through diligently. Sometimes they fizzle out or get sidetracked. For example, I planned to blog everyday this year. Whoops! I also planned to work out more regularly. Again, whoops! At the same time, Kristin said this was both a curse and a blessing. The positive side? The reason that I get sidetracked is because I tend to be spontaneous and dive fully into whatever is in front of me. But regardless of the positive aspect, I realize that I need to work on my consistency and be more disciplined in the promises or claims that I make.
  2. The other issue I need to work on is related to being the center of attention. Being in the center is not necessarily a problem, but it’s what I sometimes do to become the center of attention. Sometimes I go overboard in my comments or do something outrageous that could be potentially offensive. Again, there’s a positive side to this as well. Being the center usually means that I’m keeping the conversation and moment interesting – at least to a point. However, there’s always a balance and a level of moderation that I need to consider.

Today was quite a challenge, and there are lots of little things to work on. I hope and pray that I can make some significant improvements for both of our sakes!


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