Love Dare – Day 6

Today’s dare was a little different than the previous five. I was given the chance to love my wife in more of an indirect maner. It was not about stopping a negative behavior nor about doing something positive. Rather, it was about me helping myself.

I’m supposed to make room in my schedule. For real. The idea is that when we overload our schedules with frenzied activities, it creates stress, and stress can lead to marital problems. Therefore, I need to work on avoiding stress.

Here’s a list of some areas where I can create some buffer zones:

  • More sleep. I need to go to bed earlier and always at the same time my wife decides to go to bed.
  • Less TV. I’ll have more time to work, read, exercise, and hang out with Kristin and other friends.

If I were to simply do these two things, there would be significantly more time, more rest, and less stress. Now let’s see if I can stick to this goal!


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