Love Dare – Day 7

List all the positive and negative qualities about your spouse.

NOTE 1: I’m only going to list the positive ones on this blog in case you’re scrolling to find all the ammunition for some juicy gossip!

NOTE 2: This will not be a list of ALL the positive things about Kristin. That would simply take too much time and space for this blog. Rather, I’ll keep this list to a readable length by including some of my favorite aspects of her.

Positively Spectacular Things About Kristin Margaret Franke!

  • She loves Jesus
    • Sometimes I watch her as she journals, and every so often I can see her relationship with God unfold before my eyes as she pours her heart onto the pages
    • She’s disciplined and dedicated with her spiritual promises and commitments, and it simultaneously inspires me and makes me feel guilty (see Day 5, point #1 for more details)
  • She’s beautiful
    • Inside and out (yeah, I have a hott wife!)
  • She is, hands down, one of the best female ultimate players in all of Asia
    • This is bittersweet for me. I’m super proud of her, and yet I wish I could achieve a similar status among the guys
    • I’m looking forward to seeing her play at higher levels in the US
  • She’s sociable and able to navigate various types of friend circles
  • She can cook some delicious dishes, especially her lasagna and enchiladas
  • She is fantastic with kids
    • I will never be as patient or compassionate as her when it comes to absurd behavior from the youth
    • She makes lots of intentional time with kids and is very consistent to follow through with her promises and commitments to them
  • She’s timely and sometimes even manages to keep me on time on our way to social events
  • She’s not too girly
    • She’s willing to work hard and get her hands dirty. This goes for household chores as well as labor intensive mission trips to third world countries
    • She doesn’t obsess over her personal appearance when it comes to make up or accessories. There’s enough to show she cares, but it’s never tacky or overdone
  • She lets me be myself – most of the time (sometimes being myself gets me in trouble!)

Thanks for being awesome hottie! Love you!!



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