Love Dare – Day 8

Most of the time it’s easy to celebrate with others. Occasionally I get a little envious, and the root of this is selfishness. The goal of today’s challenge is to practice rejoicing and celebrating in your spouse’s achievements rather than feel a pang of jealousy.

One of Kristin’s biggest achievements of late is her acceptance to Princeton’ Theological Seminary. (Woohoo!!!) It’s a very exciting thing, and I’m especially glad she was able to garner some of Princeton’s endowment to reduce her tuition! This August she will embark on a journey towards a Masters of Divinity, which will lead her one step closer to accomplishing some big goals and dreams.

This achievement is mostly easy to celebrate. However, sometimes I have to beat down a little jealousy. It’s not that I want to be in Princeton’s theology program, but rather, Kristin has some fairly specific goals that she wants to achieve. Nothing is set in stone, but she wants to move on to a PhD, which will lead to researching youth and family ministry and publishing the results of her findings in books, journals, and magazines.

I’m a little jealous of the fact that she knows what she’s passionate about, and she’s setting specific goals to get there. I wish I knew my passions so I could set and achieve goals. This selfishness is something I need to get over. Moreover, I realized that I need to do some serious self-reflection and figure out what I’m truly passionate about.

On a lighter note, there’s another, more straightforward achievement I can celebrate. Today my team won the ultimate frisbee HKUPA (Hong Kong ultimate) league final. My wife is one of the lead players on the team, and it’s easy to rejoice with her. Everybody Love Everybody, more simply known as ELE, will go down in our record books as a champion team composed of friends that my wife and I were honored to play with.

I think some official celebrating is in store for both my wife’s acceptance into Princeton as well as our win in league finals. Perhaps some bubbly will make an appearance later tonight…


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