Love Dare – Day 9

I didn’t really like today’s challenge.

It was a good challenge, but I didn’t like it because I think I’m pretty good at it already. This might sound proud, but I only say this because I honestly mean it.

The goal is to be better at greeting your spouse. I totally understand why people might struggle with this – long day at work, pleasing bosses and colleagues, lots of errands to run, etc. etc. These things can certainly damper the mood when re-entering one’s castle. In fact, I sometimes grapple with this too (I never said I was perfect, just good!).

I always look my wife in the eye, smile, and give her a hug and kiss when I come home. If I arrive first, sometimes I’ll have flowers ready, the dishes washed, the laundry folded, or dinner started. Something. Anything! Also, I usually know to pause or quit any TV show or movie that might be playing so we can have a chance to talk. Again, I’m not perfect, but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way, whether from trial and error or from an occasional and slight admonishment from Kristin.

Today’s dare was a good dare. But I simply did the things that I already knew to do. Today I folded the laundry and put out the recent wash to dry. I don’t think she noticed though because she left her laundry on the couch before falling asleep! Ha!


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