Love Dare – Day 11

Cherish your spouse.

Today I bought my wife a beautiful orchid. She really likes orchids, and it was purple, one of her favorite colors. Moreover, I’m excited that I followed through on my plans from Day 10 to set about buying Kristin flowers. It felt good to show her that I cherish her while simultaneously demonstrating commitment to my declarations.

But I also wanted to go beyond just buying Kristin flowers, and I made plans to give her a no frills, no expectations shoulder and back massage. Unfortunately, work went really long, and I didn’t get home until she was getting ready for bed. I still had the chance to offer her my massage, but the time was cut dramatically short because she just wanted to fall asleep. Oh well. I tried, and I think she noticed my efforts to love her.

I’m only just past the 25% mark of the 40 days of dares, but I can’t wait to show Kristin all the ways I’ve been trying to show her more love. For the time being, it’s kind of fun to pull off my dares without arousing too much suspicion, and I’m hoping Kristin won’t ask questions about my motivations.


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