Love Dare – Day 19

Before I get to writing about Day 19, I thought I’d get back to 18 since it was postponed.

DAY 18

I was going to cook for my wife, but we decided to eat out all day instead. Kristin knows that I can definitely cook, but I think the point of the love dare was to have intentional conversation with your spouse so that you learn a little more about one another.

Hong Kong was dark and full of heavy rain most of the day. It was perfect for an inside, date day and a TV show marathon. But first, we settled in at a Starbucks (literally across the street) and chatted. The conversation was so lively that I went through a grande Americano and a blueberry muffin and started in on a second coffee before we even picked up the books we brought. Nice!

We spent the rest of the day together and continued into the night. We really lived it up: take-out sushi for lunch, Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, live music for dessert, and then a long walk home. Although I didn’t cook a meal tonight, it felt quite romantic, and our attention was certainly on one another. Therefore, I will count Day 18 as checked off!

DAY 19

It was not so much a dare, but rather an altar call to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I was a little shocked, but also thought it was cool in its boldness. The reason the book took this tack on the dares was this paragraph:

The hard news is this: love that is able to withstand every pressure is out of your reach, as long as you’re only looking within yourself to find it. You need someone who can give you that kind of love. “Love from God” (1 John 4:7). And only those who have allowed Him into their heart through faith in His Son, Jesus – only those who have received the Spirit of Christ through belief in His death and resurrection – are able to tap into love’s real power. “Apart from me,” Jesus said, “you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

The dare reflect back on the previous dares, and see if I was trying to practice unconditional love on my own accord. However, I am all to aware of my shortcomings, and I know that I desperately need His help!

Day 19 accomplished.



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