Love Dare – Day 21

I was dreading reading today’s dare. I didn’t want another altar call for Jesus. I wanted something practical, tangible, and directed at Kristin. However, I worked up the courage and went ahead to read it. The result: pros and cons.

It was still a dare tugging on the soapbox sermon rope, and it was not a dare directed at Kristin. That kind of sucked. On the bright side, there was actually something to do! I was to spend time reading scripture and time in prayer. I went ahead and did both. Although I need to be honest and say that my Bible reading time was a little light and half-hearted.

I’ve been struggling all year to have consistant and quality time with God. Because I am a youth pastor, I sometimes trick myself into thinking God and I are close in relationship because of the sheer amount of time I actually spend reading the Bible and praying. I believe God and I are close, but sometimes work can distort my motivation to read scripture and pray. Similarly, the motivation to spend time with God via a love dare muddles things up for me. The purpose isn’t necessarily for me any longer, but rather for Kristin’s sake. The authors have good intentions, but I need to want to spend time with God on my own and not because of a 40-day marriage improvement plan.


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