Love Dare – Day 22

What would you do if you were told, “Say to your spouse today, I love you. Period. I choose to love you even if you don’t love me in return?”

Doing it is different than saying it. Demonstrating love to your spouse even if you’re frustrated or upset is one thing. Telling it to their face puts your spouse in quite the awkward situation. Thanks Love Dare.

After putting the dare off all day, I went ahead and did it. I pulled my wife aside from the computer and bluntly blurted a similar phrase. “Kristin, I love you. I always will. And I will choose to love you even if you choose not to love me back.”

Let it be known there was no romance. There were no fireworks. There was no thanking me and telling me how sweet it was to know that I felt that way. Nope, none. Instead, I was greeted with, “WHAT????!!!” and no other words.

Kristin thought that a tragedy had struck. Or that a friend of mine was in dire straights with their marriage. Or that I had a big confession to make. When I denied all these things, she kept pressing where in the world my statement came from. In trying to keep a secret, I explained there was a reason for it and that it wasn’t quite out of the blue as she thought. I had to add at the end that there were no negative motivations behind my declaration and that she should just tuck my statement away and save that nugget for a rainy day.

Geesh. Sometimes I can’t believe the extent of my commitment to the 40-day love dare challenge!


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