Love Dare – Day 23

Today’s dare was heavy:

Remove anything that is hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that’s stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.

Wow. No easy task. That’s literally like telling an alcoholic to go cold turkey this very moment. Gosh, as I think about this dare, I’m a bit overwhelmed. There’s a bunch of things I can or should be removing from my life to improve not only my relationship with Kristin, but also my relationship with others in general. The majority of these things are not physical addictions, but rather ways that I spend my time. And the trouble with some is that it’s not a black and white decision. They’re gray areas with pros and cons.

Brainstorming ideas:

  • No TV shows (but sometimes we watch some together – Community, Modern Family, Friday Night Lights)
  • No movies (but I like the entertainment factor, and I get to talk about movies with friends and kids)
  • No Starbucks coffee as this will save money for more important things (I am actually addicted to coffee, and this might be a good one to cut back on)
  • No iPhone apps and games (I actually have cut way back on these, but a few can still be time consuming)
  • Less facebook surfing, posting, etc. (But I do get to stay in touch with lots of people, including my family, via facebook)

As I look back at this list, it seems that various forms of technology and media are my biggest time consumers. Maybe I could benefit from a tech fast down the road. And while fasting, I should use that time to spend more of it with Kristin. Not sure if now’s the time since I want to keep blogging, so I’ll try to schedule this one after the 40 days of love dares are complete.


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