Love Dare – Day 24

Holy Moly! It was another heavy day to do a love dare challenge. Today’s challenge was to remove every lustful object or pursuit from your life. The first thing that comes to mind for most people is anything related to pornography or adulterous relationships. However, this dare went beyond that and called for the removal of anything that generates a feeling of lust, jealousy, or covetousness.  Examples could include jealously wanting the Maserati driving down the road, or coveting the prestigious career that someone else has achieved.

Unfortunately, I live in a place where money is worshipped, power is highly sought after, and high-end  possessions abound. Furthermore, Hong Kong has plenty of partying, and one-night stands are very commonplace. This love dare could easily spiral out of control.

Fortunately, I am grounded in my relationship with Christ, and He has no problem with humbling me and keeping me content with my circumstances. Furthermore, I have a wife that is amazing and beautiful in so many ways. This love dare shouldn’t be too bad after all.

First things first. I need to address the physical and mental lust regarding women. I’m doing well in that I don’t have any adulterous relationships in my life. Also, I’ve pretty much dominated the battle with pornography. It was an ongoing struggle for a portion of my life, but has been starved and shut down for quite some time.

On the other hand, I still have difficulty with the daily mental battle. Between media, advertising, and the many beautiful women walking around each day, I have my work cut out for me! I’ve learned some techniques (like “bouncing the eyes”) over the years from books like Every Man’s Battle, but I need to keep practicing. I think it will only be with the Holy Spirit working to change my heart that I will truly overcome the mental lust that is so hard to root out. I’m praying for this at this moment.

Actually, that was all the really needed addressing. Though I have career goals and always enjoy the latest technological toy, I am very content with my lot in life. There’s always room to grow and some tending to the creeping weeds of jealousy, but I think I can say this area of lust is kept at bay.

I’ve reflected upon this love dare, but since I still need to tend to the ongoing mental battle, I’ll consider this love dare mostly accomplished.


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