Love Dare – Day 29

Today’s dare, though simple enough, was difficult for me, and I don’t know exactly why. I want to attribute it to adult ADHD, but I think that’s a cop out. Instead, I think I was simply too lazy and did not make Kristin the priority that she needs to regularly be.

Here’s what I was supposed to do:

  • Say, “I love you” and mean it
  • Pray for Kristin and her needs
  • Do something tangible that demonstrates my love for Kristin
  • Pray for her again

I tell Kristin I love her all the time, and I do mean that. That was easy enough. I intended to pray for her while commuting to work. I started, but then my phone buzzed. One thing led to another, and I ended up playing Words With Friends for the majority of my transit.Β 

While at work I remembered that I still needed to pray for her. Once I started though, some kids showed up in the youth room, and we spent the rest of the day hanging out. Similar things kept happening for the rest of the night. I didn’t actually end up praying for my wife until I was running around Victoria Park in Causeway Bay at 11:45 at night! Geesh!

Also, I feel like I kind of bombed on the tangible love portion of today’s dare. I really wanted to do something special that was slightly romantic – Flowers, a candle arrangement at home, prepare a dessert for her, or something that was completely unnecessary but meaningful. Again, I was distracted at home, and I only ended up doing a couple loads of laundry. It was necessary and good of me to do, but it certainly wasn’t romantic.

Though today wasn’t a waste, I really need to step up my game tomorrow!


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