Love Dare – Day 30

One of the areas that constantly divides Kristin and I is our stubbornness and the need to be right. It’s stupid because most of the time it’s about insignificant things. Examples include: forgetting to turn the lights off in a room, who’s turn it is to do dishes, plot lines in Game of Thrones, or recalling individual stats or moments during ultimate frisbee. Seriously, it’s ridiculous stuff.

I want to resolve to stand my ground only on the most important of issues. It’s not good to let little things get in the way of our marriage, and too often we both let small things sneak in and grow into arguments. That said, I need to learn to let small things subside, even if I know I’m absolutely correct. It doesn’t help to argue, and it most certainly doesn’t help to let the other person “win” by leaving the conversation on a note of sarcasm! Believe me, I’m sure about this last point…


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