Love Dare – Day 33

I found an obvious solution to my technical difficulty: the Internet.

I don’t know why it took me a day to realize that the world wide interwebs probably had a solution to my problem. After a quick search I found Day 33 and the daily challenge on a K-Love blog. Sweet!

Today’s challenge was to convey to Kristin that she is an integral and complementary necessity in my life. We’re at a very obvious stage of change where this becomes apparent throughout the day. After five years in Hong Kong, we’re starting our lives over in some ways. We’re moving to a new location in the United States, Kristin is embarking on a new degree, and I’m looking for a new teaching job. With so much change happening, it’s clear that we need one another. It’s been going smoothly so far, and I’m taking that as an indicator that we’re doing well.

For example, we had a long, final day of work at our churches. We moved into a temporary flat, and we had no substantial food stocked in the kitchen. We were hungry, and we needed to settle our utilities before departing HK. Step 1: we split the shopping at the grocery store, which sped things along. Step 2: Back at the new flat, we split our time – she cooked and I settled the “bills.” (How 1950’s US is that domestic breakdown!) Step 3: Complimentary relationship re-affirmed!

A good day!


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