Love Dare – Day 34

Today’s Internet search for day 34 yielded a female blog. Thank you Kairos Kingdom Women for your post in assisting me with my love dare challenge.

I start this entry with a somewhat heavy heart, and I’m a little ashamed to share the content of this post.

The other day, as Kristin and I were settling our seemingly endless list of things to do before leaving Hong Kong, we addressed our Internet subscription. I made some phone calls to the broadband company, and it turns out that canceling our subscription before the contract is complete means actually paying out the remainder of our contract. In hindsight, I suppose that’s what a contract is for: agreeing to seeing terms through to the end.

But paying out our contract just sucks.

Hong Kong is such a transient place, and I believe companies such as Internet and cable providers (which have a monopoly in Hong Kong) have cleverly and unfairly taken advantage of this situation. Contracts are generally for two-year periods, and once locked in, you can count on that money lining company pockets.

Enough ranting.

The reason I write all this out, besides placating my overtly strong sense of justice, is to point out how Kristin came through in her Christian character. I realized that owe our Internet provider about 250 USD for an upcoming year of service that will never be used. I wanted to avoid this payment, and I had a plan to do that. Since we’re leaving Hong Kong and closing out all our bank accounts, there’s no way for the company to collect on what we owe them. I knew this was sneaky at the time I suggested it, but it reeks of underhandedness even more now that I type it out.

Fortunately Kristin stood up to my devious suggestion and suggested we honor our terms of agreement. She also backed up her words with a condemning stare from across the room. Boom! Convicted and shown the error of my ways. Well done hottie, and thanks for keeping me honest.


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