Love Dare – Day 35


Today’s dare is to actively seek out a marriage mentor or counselor. Ha! This is quite the big deal!

While in Hong Kong we’ve been surrounded by some wonderful couples that have demonstrated honest and healthy love for one another. We are continually motivated by one particular couple, Mike and Sheri Witthoft. They’ve really helped shape Kristin and me and how we interact with one another. Though we won’t see them near as often as, we hope they can continue to influence us from afar.

Since we’re leaving HK in just over a week’s time, today is not the day to actually find a mentor. However, this task has been on my prayer list in anticipation of relocating to the US. Kristin and I will actively seek out a new couple to mentor, lead, and guide us through the ups and downs of marriage and a spiritual life together while in Princeton. We don’t know who that will be, but I trust that God will provide for the longings and needs of our hearts.


One thought on “Love Dare – Day 35

  1. I trust that God will def grant you guys another awesome couple mentor for your marriage! Altho I’m not married / in a relationship right now, I met this couple from my university christian grp and they’ve been my mentors since then. They’ve really helped me a lot! Excited for you!!

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