Love Dare – Day 37

As the love dare challenge comes to a close, I’ve noticed the dares are becoming increasingly spiritual. This is certainly not a bad thing considering that our relationship is bound to be more stable and solid when we don’t rely on ourselves alone. We need to draw on a greater strength that can only be found in Christ.

Today’s dare is to begin a plan to pray together regularly.

Fortunately, we already have this in place. It’s not full proof, but we have a general plan or outline that we try to stick to regarding prayer. It’s pretty simple:

  • We pray before every meal that we eat together
  • We pray before we fall asleep at night

The cool part about these is that they are regularly built into the day, so there is a consistency to it. The other cool thing is that we take turns leading. The only drawback is that we don’t always go to sleep at the same time, and then our prayer time together is lost. Perhaps we should make a greater effort to hit the hay together!


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