Love Dare – Day 39

Almost done!

Today I was challenged with the idea of reaffirming my marriage commitment to Kristin. I was prompted to write a letter telling her how I feel and how I plan to commit to her for the rest of my life. I suppose it was like unofficially renewing my marriage vows, except in written form and not before an audience.

I thought it fitting to remind her how much I love the fact that we’re not only married, but also best friends. Therefore, I found a lovely little card about friendship that I also filled it’s insides with mushy and gooey details describing my bottomless love for her, etc. etc.

It said,

We’re such good friends that if I suggested a long walk, you’d know I meant sitting. With coffee.
(inside) And possibly muffins.

The reality is that we like all of those things. Sitting with coffee and muffins – even walking. I told her we can do any and all of those things again anytime she wants. Anyway, the card wasn’t really the point. Rather, it was important to tell her how deep our love is for one another and how it’s based on a love greater than ourselves – the love of Christ. He is amazing, and as long as we both remain firmly rooted in Him, we’re bound to remain firmly rooted in marriage.


3 thoughts on “Love Dare – Day 39

  1. Hey Grant, I keep hearing Christians talk about the triangle analogy, but I still don’t really get it – how does a faith/love rooted in Christ make sure you will remain faithful and loving to your spouse?? Aren’t they separate things? You could love Jesus but still fall out of love with someone?

    • Hey Joyce! I don’t always get it either. However, maybe another analogy might clear some things up. Think of the analogy about building a house on a strong foundation. Since there is no one greater or stronger than Christ, and if I build my foundation in Him, then everything that springs from it should be able to stand. If I’m rooted in Christ, then the fruit of my life should reflect that. Marriage (and relationships in general) are a stem in my life. My marriage with Kristin should be stronger if the foundation that supports it is strong.

      All that said, any marriage could still fall apart. We’re human, we sin, and all relationships are a two-way street. Even if one person is firmly rooted in Christ, the other person might not be, and that would most certainly cause conflict. It’s important to encourage one another and lift each other up when we’re down because those times will inevitably come. Whatever you’re going through, keep pushing through and remember that your friendships and relationships will be stronger if your relationship with Jesus is your primary priority.

      • Thank you so much for that. It’s inspiring, I’ve been thinking and discussing the analogy with my friend too. I haven’t completely grasped its meaning yet but I will continue to pursue!

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