Happy Moments Day 2

Day 2 was quite the success. I’m going to let the vignettes stand for themselves.

My students don’t have their digital devices yet, and the textbook is online. Therefore, I couldn’t get started on math quite yet. (In fact, nobody wants to start math right away on the first day!) The kids completed a survey about themselves, and here’s my favorite response:

Biker Gang Teacher

Four other things really stood out:

  1. All of my students were present and EARLY!
  2. 43 kids signed up for soccer tryouts (out of 111 possible students)
  3. When considering his favorite taco topping, I overheard a student say he “couldn’t decide between sprinkles and cinnamon”
  4. We had a school unity function today called “Kettle Up!” (Our school mascot is the hawk, and a gathering of hawks is called a kettle.) It was a wonderful success, and one of the cool moments was when students placed a bunch of their school promises into a cage. We’ll check them out near the end of the year

Kettle Up Bird Cage


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