Happy Moments Day 3

There were both good and bad moments at school today. I’ve already realized that it can be easy to get sucked into the negative and the gossip, but I’m really liking this idea of focusing on the positive stuff during the day.

Two things really made my day.

First, I had my students play a game called 31-derful. It’s a great way to foster communication in groups and logical thinking. Most of the groups successfully completed the task and were pretty stoked with themselves. I love seeing kids persevere and get excited in math class.

31-derful puzzle

The other exciting moment of the day was kicking off soccer tryouts. It was a mess of a day, and New Jersey received a ton of much-needed rain. The wetness certainly kept things interesting and separated the kids that could control the ball versus those that had to chase it down.

First Day of Soccer 2015

Bonus moment: Some teachers require the students to remove a shoe in order to borrow a pencil. I told my kids that I trust them to simply borrow and return, NBD. One student was particularly upset because they really enjoy removing their shoes. I let him know he can take them off any time as long as his feet aren’t stinky.


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