Happy Moments Baba Ganoush

I had a wonderful and busy weekend playing ultimate with my club team, Jughandle. We finished 4th out of 16, which was way above our 9th place seeding. My wonderful weekend continued into Monday, and I was able to take my 7th grade students on a service trip to Baldpate Mountain, a nature preserve in New Jersey. We cleared trails, removed invasive species, and helped maintain the garden and meadow.

While hiking, I noticed my students singing a song…

I couldn’t help but ask more about this song.

The kids proceeded to tell me that Baba Ganoush was not a food. A baba ganoush is a mythical creature that lives in the woods under old pieces of fence and wood. The baba ganoush can either be good or evil, and their morality is determined by the color bubble they incubate in. Whoa.

I asked what they look like, and the baby ganoush has the head of a cat, the body of a hawk, the tail of a snake, and the end of the tail has a spiny ball that is used to kill its prey. Well, only the bad baba ganoushes use their tail because the good ones are herbivores.

I love middle school.