Charity: Water – An Alternative to KONY 2012

There’s so much hype surrounding Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 campaign. It’s just crazy. Kudos to them for marketing mass media so well.

Simultaneously, there’s a lot of banter back and forth about the legitimacy of Invisible Children and whether or not their KONY 2012 campaign will achieve lasting success – if any at all!

I don’t want to damper people’s generosity nor stamp out their spirit of charity.

Instead, if you want to help people, but you’re unsure if KONY 2012 is the way to go, I have an alternative. There’s an amazing organization out there that is truly helping people, changing lives, and doing so with a transparency unlike most organizations. It’s called…

charity: water 

They do exactly what the name suggests. They are a charity that brings clean water to communities that either have no water or contaminated water. I highly encourage any of my readers to check them out. Their website explains it better than my blog. And for further reading, the founder of charity: water was featured in the January/February issue of Relevant Magazine. Sign up and check out the cover story of Scott Harrison.

Anyway, that’s my current take on this KONY 2012 media revolution. I still plan on researching and following Invisible Children’s headlines. However, I would rather help in different ways. If I’m going to donate to a new organization, it’s going to be charity: water and not Invisible Children.