A Change of Pace

We’ve left Hong Kong, but it still feels like a holiday and that we’re going to return someday soon. I’m sure the reality of it won’t really sink in until Kristin and I rent a U-Haul and finally move all our stuff to a new flat in Princeton. For now, we’re relaxing and settling in to a new pace of life.

Hong Kong was extremely busy. Everyone even said so. All you have to do is ask, “How have you been lately?” and the default answer will most likely be, “I’m really busy!”

While enjoying some froyo with our friend Andrea Bremmer (another former Valpo student), Kristin mentioned that she’s going to miss the buzz of life that is always zooming in Hong Kong. I hadn’t really thought of that before. I knew that I would miss my friends, the ultimate scene, the food, and the church communities we were part of, but I didin’t realize how much I had adapted to the “big city” life.

Elkhart, Indiana, USA (‘Merica!) just isn’t the same. There’s family here, which is amazing, but life is just slower. Instead of waking up late and staying out late, we’re getting up early and going to bed early. Part of the problem is jet lag, but moreover the reason for our elderly-like sleeping schedule is that everyone just goes to bed early here. There’re no late night activities or late night socializing over drinks at a pub.

It’s weird. But that’s just the way it is. I guess this is one area I’ll have to continue to adapt my frame of mind. For any of my friends in HK reading this: Enjoy the crazy-busy pace while you can!


Getting Back to My Roots

I’ve spent the last two days hanging out with my family and a couple of friends. It’s been slightly surreal seeing the small city (Rockford, IL) that I grew up in for the first 18 years of my life. It’s not the first time that I returned to be with my family after a stint in Hong Kong. It’s just I’ve really adjusted to life in Hong Kong over the last five years, and my visit seems to be affecting me more than usual.

(001) Rockford, Illinois_Rock River

I’ve decided I’m unofficially experiencing culture shock in my own country and culture. Weird.

Fortunately, there are a few people that are keeping my stable. One in particular is my friend  Garret Balcitis. He’s a childhood friend that’s stuck around in my life through thick and thin. No matter how long that we’re apart, we’re able to pick back up – not where we left off, but rather where we currently are.

(101) Rockford, Illinois_Winter Symbol 2

We took a road trip around the city and parked near the Rock River for an afternoon of catching up and encouraging each other. While there we talked about our lives, families, and ministries. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I feel recharged.

What’s even cooler is that Garret is just another guy. His friendship, though amazing, is nothing compared to the type of relationship that God wants to have with me and everyone else. He is more faithful than I can imagine, and I thank God for his steadfastness and His unchanging Spirit. Praise be to Him from whom all blessings flow.