Taming the Tongue

Our words are powerful.

'Tongue' photo (c) 2008, Joe Shlabotnik - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/James 3 talks about the need to tame our tongue, one of the most powerful weapons we have. The book of James even compares the tongue to a ship’s rudder, small but extremely powerful in shaping the course of travel – or in this case, the course of a conversation.

I know just the right words that can either build up and encourage my wife or words that will get under her skin. This is just one of the many by-products of marriage. Today, in a moment of frustration, I started to let my words get away from me. Fortunately, (probably by the prompting of the Holy Spirit), I was able to silence my tongue, regain some control, and steer the conversation back towards a topic way more positive. Still, this moment of exchange was enough to shift the mood of the afternoon for a short while, and if it were possible, I’d like to regain and redeem that jaded time.

I hope and pray that I can choose my words wisely, especially around my wife and loved ones. If I can’t love those closest to me, how can I be expected to love those that hate me?


I Married Up

My wife is amazing.


She’s amaaazing!

We have great conversations, and she’s able to both encourage and challenge me. For that, I’m very thankful. I hope and pray that I can reciprocate, man-up, and be an equally loving husband.