Love Dare – Day 27

I didn’t know how to get around to today’s dare, so I did what any great husband would do – I sent a text message.

Before you judge me, let me set the scene. Kristin and I planned a day with friends. We accompanied our friend Julie for a hike on Dragon’s Back trail, and then we relaxed at Shek O Beach. After that we had a couple more friends over to our flat, where we made dinner and played games.

There was plenty of time to talk to Kristin, but there wasn’t an opportunity where I could get her alone and have a heart-to-heart. Hence, the text message. The ironic part was that soon after I sent the text, Julie found out about it.

We were on the train discussing our dirty flat and apologizing to Julie for its messy state. As we were talking about this, I mentioned that Kristin doesn’t like clutter, but has a high tolerance for germs. Unfortunately, I ranted a little too long about how Kristin needs to keep the bathroom clean. Only a moment later, I hear Kristin blurt, “That’s it! I know what your high expectations are!”

Julie was looking rather confused, so we had to explain my text message questions to Kristin. Since neither of them know about the love dare and since I want to keep it a secret, I had to stand there and look like a weirdo for my seemingly bizarre and random questions. Another day accomplished!

By the way, I did not win at Catan today. I came in a solid third place out of five.


Out for a Stroll

I just finished a long, but leisurely hike on Lantau Island. We trekked from Tung Chung MTR station to Tai O fishing village where we sampled street food. I had a delicious Chinese crêpe and a scrumptious “lo mee chee” (Cantonese for Mochi, which is Japanese, which is a glutinous rice ball filled with both savory and sweet bits). I asked for three into Canto, and I impressed the guy so much that I received a hearty “ho gang ahhhh!” (Awesome!)

It was a great walk, filled with both fun and deep conversations. I really enjoy the breadth of topics, covering anything from faith, to struggles, to parties. This is the kind of conversation that I really want to have with God day in and day out basis.

I’m looking forward to more days like this with both God and friends.