Love Dare – Day 17

Today was kind of weird. The short chapter of Day 17 was about intimacy. That’s not the weird part, but it was the dare at the end of Day 17 that didn’t really make sense to me.


Duh! Of course you don’t do that. Any decent friend will keep secrets and not blab to the world sensitive material. Also, it was weird for this to be a day-long dare. I kind of feel like if my wife tells me something meant for just the two of us, I should keep it private indefinitely or until she wants to make it public herself.

Anyway, I did today’s dare. Secrets kept. Intimacy maintained.


Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

It was an awkward day with the youth group. I delivered part one of a three part sex series. Unfortunately, today wasn’t even the most uncomforatable topic. On the other hand, the kids responded pretty well considering all of them were under 14 years old.

'Preach It, Brother' photo (c) 2008, Steve Snodgrass - license: had the privilege of basing my sermon off of a message delivered by Tim Keller. He’s such a wise and rational pastor, full of dry, but quick wit. I’m a big fan. If you haven’t heard anything by him, I highly recommend subscribing to his podcast from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York.

'SEX' photo (c) 2008, Stuart Caie - license:


Today I didn’t talk about the human body, puberty, or the mechanics of sex. Rather, I talked to the kids about being in close, intimate relationship with Jesus. In my preparation, I’m having my eyes opened to understanding the way God desires for us to meet with Him all day, every day. By knowing Him more, I’m able to become a man after God’s heart, and following Him becomes less of a set of rules and rituals and more about living in response to God’s love. It’s great, and I wish I could remember how to live like this more often.

Coming up next week we’re talking about our sexual and gender identity. Oh dear. Lord help me and all the kids!