Happy Moments – Maker Space, Crazy Hats, Mental Fortitude

This past week was full of wonderful moments. Here’s a recap of some of the standout stories.

First, Princeton Academy created a room in our building called the Maker Space. It’s a place where our boys can create, explore hands-on talents, and learn in a way that is different than a standard classroom approach. I’m super excited that the boys have this opportunity, and it’s another example of what sets our school apart. It’s based on this Ted Talk about a Tinkering School. It’s only 4 minutes, and totally worth checking out.

The teachers actually got the first shot at the Maker Space. We were given an envelope of a piece of blue paper, a shell, a tube of glue, and a crayon. The point was to work in groups of 4-5 and create anything that displayed one of Princeton Academy’s five goals (think mission statement). After that brief, hands-on demonstration, I can only imagine the things the kids will create.

Secondly, the boys had an opportunity to raise awareness and money for Pediatric Cancer. The boys brought in money and were able to wear crazy hats. Not only did the boys learn more about this type of cancer, but they were also exposed to some cool survivor stories while keeping the atmosphere light with so many fun hats. My school snapped a great shot that’s posted on its Facebook page.

Raising awareness and money for pediatric cancer

Crazy Hat Day for pediatric cancer awareness

Finally, and perhaps my favorite moment, happened during math class. The boys in 7th grade are split into two different math tracks: a one-year and a two-year algebra class. Some of the students in the two-year class were starting to think of themselves as the “dumb kids.” I found it highly important to address this issue and set aside 10 minutes for a discussion. It truly paid off when one of the students said,

We all have different gifts. Math is the only class split into different groups. Just think if all the classes were split. I know many of you would be in the ‘better’ class if it were a different subject and many of the top math students might be in the ‘lower’ class. Don’t let math affect who you are as a person. We’re all talented, so let’s just do our best.

Wow. they get it. I’m impressed, and I love that the boys are capable of such maturity and positive, mental fortitude.