Happy Moments Day 1

How many times have you ever felt better ranting and raving about negative things that happened during the day? Well, sometimes this feels good and necessary. However, I think it keeps me down in the long run. I’ve decided to keep a running log of the good things that happen during the school day at Princeton Academy. I believe it will help me appreciate my job and love my colleagues and students just a little more.

I promise to do the following for my readers:

  • Keep the posts short. I don’t want any TLDR thoughts popping up
  • Change the names of my colleagues and students to maintain anonymity
  • Keep things positive

So here it goes…
Today I heard an update about a former 8th grade student that is running cross country and is off to a good start at boarding school. I’m so glad he’s happy and adjusting well.

The school bought fruit and bagels for today’s open house. I was able to eat a bunch of pineapple and blueberries.

New posters for my classroom arrived today. Now before students enter the room, they will see, “I ❤️ Math. It makes people cry.”

Some co-workers and I collaborated to put name labels and new schedules in student planners to be handed out tomorrow. Quick and efficient!

Woot. Day 1 a success.