Love Dare – Day 38

This challenge is all about making your spouse’s dreams and desires come true. There were a lot of small suggestions provided such as buying flowers or gifts to commemorate something or cooking a special meal and making it romantic. However, the dare also pushed readers to think bigger. For example, it asked me to think about what my wife’s long-term goals and dreams and try to initiate steps towards accomplishing one or more dreams.

I spent a fair amount of time pondering Kristin’s big dreams and desires before the truth dawned on me – I’m currently helping her achieve her current, most important dream!

We’ve closed up our life in Hong Kong, and we’re moving to Princeton, New Jersey so that she can complete a Masters of Divinity degree at Princeton’s Theological Seminary.

In many ways, I have changed on behalf of my wife. A new country. A new home. A new job. A new set of friends. A new routine. Numerous people have also told me that I’m quite the good husband to be able to do this. On the other hand, I don’t feel like it is a burden at all! In fact, I’m happy to make all of these changes and adjustments. The reason for this is simple and two-fold: I love my wife, and I know that we are following God’s plan for our lives (at least we hope so!).

August 27 will mark day 01 of our new life in Princeton, and I hope it’ll be a wonderful start in helping Kristin accomplish her dreams.


Organized Chaos

It’s funny the way, in such a short time, God has brought me to a point of acceptance of a future outside of Hong Kong. Less than a month ago, I was still in complete denial that I might ever leave the city that has captured my heart, provided me with deep community, and opened the gate to travel around Asia. The truly crazy part is that I’m talking as if this is a done deal. In reality, nothing is set, no decisions have been made, and I’m staying in Hong Kong indefinitely.

I realized the absurdity of how I’m talking about my future while at dinner with my accountability partner, Aaron. [SIDE NOTE shout out: Aaron is a tremendously, wonderful fellow that has made a better man out of me over the course of two years. Thanks Aaron.] Continuing, I’ve started speaking as if I’m planning to leave. And so has Kristin!

The signs certainly seem to point to us departing – Kristin submitted a fantastic application to Princeton Theological Seminary; all of her references already submitted stunning recommendations; her pastor is talking about gathering financial support for graduate school; our close friends and adopted parents are giving us the green light to go; my teaching license came through with swift efficiency and ease; my heart has been 'BIBLE IN OLD CHURCH' photo (c) 2009, carl & tracy gossett - license: about needing to stay in Hong Kong; I feel strangely content nurturing the idea of leaving youth ministry after such a ridiculously short stint; & Kristin is loving her online classes and only wants more class time. I’m sure there are more reasons, but I think any readers get the point.

As Aaron said, [I paraphrase] “sometimes God can be tremendously clear, and if all these things have come together for nothing, it would seem a rather cruel joke and ordeal.” Whatever happens, I know that God only has good plans and would never actually be cruel. I’m usually the one that needs to change my perspective!

Kristin and I have decided, long before most of this chaos, to dedicate the month of February to prayer. While praying, we’ve also committed to trusting all this to His hands. Please join us in the prayer as well. I’m excited to see where all this goes…