Happy Moments – Interlocking Fingers and Cyber Awareness

Sometimes it is difficult to draw 2D shapes in geometry. But of course, I asked my students to do just that. On a recent test I asked each of the guys to draw two planes crossing or intersecting on a line. The drawings were mostly terrible (and I don’t blame them in the least!). To bolster the poor drawings, the students were also asked to describe their artwork. Here’s my favorite description:

Interlocking Fingers Explanation

The other cool thing that happened this week was an assembly on Cyber Awareness. It turns out that NJ is the first state to actually have its own government division dedicated to cyber awareness and safety. Also, Princeton Academy was the first school on its tour! The kids asked a lot of good questions even though some were redundant. (We just couldn’t get away from phishing and clicking on spam!) At the end of the assembly, there was a giant group selfie, which brought smiles to everyone’s face. For cyber safety purposes, I redacted/blurred out the image. Gotta walk the walk!

Redacted Cyber Awareness Selfie